Supping with beauty

I don't know why those leaves are purple...they were green on the plate.

I just wanted to update everyone on the lovely and wonderful supper I made for M today…not only did I make her those fabulous baked chicken thighs, but I also cooked up some crispy chow mein that could kill a man with one look. It’s that beautiful.

Simply put, I wok-fried some sugar snap peas, green onions and split baby bok choy. I cooked the chow mein in boiling water per package directions, then separated it into little bird’s nests, put some hot oil in a frying pan, and cooked them until they were crispy. A little sprinkling of soy sauce and a tall glass of cool water were just icing on the cake for this amazing meal.

I will caution you, however, to invite people over whenever you make chow mein. If you aren’t careful…a one pound bag goes from a meal for four to six, to a meal for two… And, it’s party-friendly. Some wonderful friends of ours, hereon out known as Pippi and Midlander, came over last Saturday night for some boozing and chow mein. It was grand.

So, make chow mein for your next family gathering and watch the compliments pour in. Eat well and smile on, my pheasants!


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