Why I prefer homemade gifts

No recipes today, pheasants. Let us all sigh collectively before moving on…done? Okay.

I wish we could start a revolution; a revolution where people stop flooding stores after Thanksgiving to buy up as much as their cars can carry. I imagine a world in which the mass populace gives out homemade gifts of appreciation and love to their friends and family. With this idea in mind, M and I settled down to watch a season of Good Eats (my favorite television show of all time, besides maybe Criminal Minds.) We were both immensely excited when a show about pickling came on, and I proposed to her, “Why don’t we give away pickles for Christmas gifts?” She seemed greatly excited over the idea, and I was too.

I don’t actually like pickles, you know. I can’t stand the taste of them. But M is nuts about them, and so are most of my family members. So, pickles it is.

I offer you a challenge today, pheasants:

Make a gift. Give a gift. It’s much more satisfying than buying the newest electronic gadget and giving it away.


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