Eggs, eggs, eggs!

Good morning, pheasants!

I love mornings. Well…to be honest, I’m not a morning person, but I do like them when I see them! M also loves herself some mornings…mostly because, she really likes breakfasts. Most especially, M loves eggs. When we first met, I was absolutely shocked by how often and how happily she wolfed them down.

I must thank M for her egg love, though…she’s made me an absolute pro at cooking them sunny-side up (just the way she likes them.) So, here I have for you some tips and tricks for cooking the  best eggs you’ll ever have.

•When making scrambled eggs, using water instead of milk will keep the eggs from weeping.

•It may sound like common sense, but once you’ve cracked an egg into a pan, unless you’re looking to scramble them, just leave them alone! If you poke and prod, you’ll nearly always come out with a broken yolk.

•Try out new flavors! I’ve found that curry powder (just a touch!) lends beautiful, rich flavor to eggs, as does truffle oil. Cayenne pepper adds a wonderful kick; freshly-ground black pepper makes them bright and peppy. Test out new things…if you have an idea, run with it! It never hurts to try, and you may end up finding something you love more than anything you’ve ever had before.

M’s Eggs

1 egg

1/2 tbsp olive oil

Set the oil in a small pan set (not preheated) over medium heat. Crack the egg directly over the oil, so it sinks down into it. Then, season it, cover it up, and wait. When the white is nearly entirely cooked, shake the pan and tilt it to slide the egg nearer the center. Cover it again, and once the eggs are done to your liking, serve ’em up. M likes hers with a few drops of white truffle oil, some sea salt, and toast. I prefer mine with cayenne pepper.

Servings: 1 ~ Calories: 80 ~ Fat: 5g ~ Carbs: 1g ~Protein: 6g ~ Sodium: 65mg

Pheasant’s Scrambled Eggs

1 egg

1 tbsp water

Dash of salt


Scramble your egg, then add in the water. Sprinkle in the salt and beat it again; make sure everything is really well combined. Then, heat a small pan over medium heat. Wait for it to get nice and hot (if you hold your hand an inch or so above the pan, you can tell; alternately, you can drop some water into the pan. If it skitters and dances around, it’s too hot. If it bubbles and begins to steam, you’re good.) Then, spray your pan with Pam, and add in your eggs. Using a rubber spatula, stir the eggs around, making sure to get all the cooked bits off the bottom. Lower the heat to medium-low and continue to stir. If you like larger curds in your eggs, let it sit longer, and then scrape the spatula across the entire pan, returning to the previous side before repeating.

Servings: 1 ~ Calories: 70 ~ Fat: 4g ~ Carbs: 1g ~Protein: 6g ~ Sodium: 95mg

Questionable content:

Pheasants, how do you enjoy your eggs? Do you have any tricks for making them come out just the way you like them?



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2 responses to “Eggs, eggs, eggs!

  1. I used to be absolutely terrible at making this simple dish lol It was mostly that I babysat the eggs the whole time, now I just watch and let them cook, the yolks don’t break and everyone is happier!
    I like mine over-hard fried up in leftover bacon grease 🙂

    • Erin, I saw your post on Facebook! It looked delicious 🙂 I’m glad you’ve liked the last few things I’ve put up on here. I’m trying my best to start up the College Knowledge cooking section 😀

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